Our unique buyer process has been developed through helping countless buyers achieve this incredible milestone. We’ve found that educating you upfront builds confidence and trust—and it makes the process more fun!


Buyer Consultation

During this meeting, we dive deep into what you want. We go beyond basic bed-and-bath requirements, discussing how you live in your home and use the space. The more we understand your lifestyle and what you truly want, the better chance we have of getting you more of these features in your new home. We also cover the local market activity, financing options, and the next steps in the process. 



A pre-approval letter is required with any offer. Speaking to lenders, gathering documents, and determining the best option for you can take as little as 48 hours, or it can last many months. Going through this project together will help us determine your budget, which will then dictate our home search. Once we have a fully underwritten pre-approval letter from our lender(s), you are ready to shop!

The Levels Of Loan Pre-Approval

It is critical you go through the loan pre-approval process before beginning your home search. Addressing your questions and concerns with a good loan agent helps you determine if now is the right time to buy. Remember, YOU control your timeline. The only cost for getting pre-approved is your time. 

Choosing The Right Lender

There are many lenders out there. Just like in any other field, some are fantastic to work with while others aren’t so great. We have spent years finding the best lenders in the industry, and we will make recommendations based on your personality, goals, and financial status.

Step 3

Offer Workshop

In this meeting, we use hands-on practice to prepare you for making an offer. We analyze a purchase contract, offer terms, and strategies for how to win in our market. We even review a Multiple Offer Spreadsheet from a recent listing to explain the different terms and how each could impact the seller. Once you can evaluate an offer through a seller’s eyes, then you’re ready to write an offer that can win the deal—even if it isn’t the highest offer on the table.